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About Me

Name: Ben Thompson

Date of Birth: Sunday

Occupation: Medical Student at the University of Dundee (luckily unaffiliated with this blog)

Interests: Films, Video Games, The Ever-Growing Mysteries of the Universe, Origami, Preparing Food, Eating Food, Excreting Excess Food Waste

Favourite Food: Nachos

Favourite Drink: Tea/Rum/Tea with Rum in it/Rum with Tea in it/Gin

Mode of Transportation: Bantha

Favourite Emotion: Apple

Plans for World Domination: Halted

Plans for Blogging: Life as a Student, Talking about Films/Games (no books, fuck books [no relation to Fuckbook, you're on the wrong site for that]), Purdy Pictures, Flatmate Bitchiness Banter, Mashing Random Keys With My Forehead As I Sob Inconsolably While Dangerously Intoxicated, Not Reading Other Blogs (I'm far too important and busy for such nonsense)

Important Notice: I heard there's this thing called trigger warnings people use... I don't know how fractally to take this so I've opted not to. If you're affected by anything on this blog, please let me know and I'll make you a picture of a kitten to say sorry. Seriously. Unless kittens trigger you, in which case it'll be of a mayfly.

Running Totals (Still Counting, Bear With...)

Pop Culture References: 48

Sarcastic Outbursts: 1

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